Q&A with the creative and crafty sisters behind Treasures and Travel

Lindsay and Tegan share insights into the magic of dry shampoo, their favourite fall recipes and DIY gifting ideas.

Q: We carry your dry shampoo product in our Main Street location. What are the benefits of using dry shampoo vs. wet shampoo?
A: Dry Shampoo is such a lifesaver! I love using it because if I don’t have time to wash my hair, it gives me an extra day or two by absorbing the oils in your hair and giving it a fresh look. Sometimes I even add it to freshly washed hair to add more volume and texture! The great thing about our dry shampoo is that it is an all-natural clay-based shampoo!

Q: What is your favourite DIY holiday gift for friends and family?
A: I went to Dressew this week and bought a bunch of fabric and yarn to DIY my own stockings for my family members! I am also planning on using the excess fabric to make a pillow.

Q: What is your favourite fall recipe that keeps you warms inside and out?
A: Definitely butternut squash soup, with lots of coconut milk. It’s a staple in my house! Similar to this recipe!

Q: What are your favourite fall harvest vegetables and fruits to cook with?
A: Beets & alllllll the squash, spaghetti squash is my fav!

Q: What are your favourite winter activities?
A: This year Lindsay and I are going to be going out to a farm to cut down our Christmas tree! This will be Lindsay’s first year going, and she’s VERY excited. Also, Vancouver has a Christmas light-up maze, and we can’t wait to grab a cup of hot cocoa and explore the maze.

Q: Juicing or smoothies?
A: Smoothies. Especially with Hazel, it is a super easy meal to whip up with lots of healthy ingredients my daughter wouldn’t eat otherwise.

Q: What are your go-to winter markets in Vancouver?
A: I have been going to the Eastside Flea to gather Christmas gifts! It’s such a great place to shop local goods with a variety of fun vendors.

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