50 Shades Of Red Health Benefits

50 Shades Of Red

The color Red symbolizes more than just the color of love. Red fruits and vegetables symbolize powerful antioxidants — such as lycopene and anthocyanins — that ward off damaging free radicals to keep your brain, body, and heart in its best functioning state.

Powerful Red Antioxidants: 

Anthocyanin: Is a flavonoid known most for its protective properties that can yield twice the antioxidant power of Vitamin C. It keeps your liver healthy, helps in preventing cancer, reduces high cholesterol, improves your vision and reduces the risks of heart disease.

Lycopene: A cancer preventative carotenoid phytonutrient that protects your body from the damage induced by pesticides. It keeps your eyes healthy by warding off common eye diseases caused by oxidative stress, keeps your bones strong, improves heart health and fuels your brain.

Vegetables and fruits that’ll make you blush from the inside out: 

Beets: High in immune-boosting vitamin C, fiber, and vitamin B folate, fantastic for mammas-to-be. Beets are also rich in lycopene, and anthocyanins, high-powered antioxidants. Add beets to your salads, stews, soups or as side dishes for a dose of its good stuff.

Cranberries: Helps prevent urinary tract infections by carrying a bacteria called proanthocyanidins, an anti-sticking mechanism that stops bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract wall. They also carry anti-inflammatory properties, support your immune system and increase your cardiovascular system.

Chili Peppers: Most known in the health world for its high quantities of Capsaicin that increases the bodies metabolic rate and stimulates your brain chemicals to make you feel less hungry. Makes your caesar extra spicy and call it dinner.

Pomegranates: Full of polyphenols and tannins that help manage prostate cancer, diabetes, and arthritis. Also reputed for reducing the buildup of plaque in arteries and lowering blood pressure.

Tomatoes: Rich in lycopene, vitamin C, A, potassium, and fiber. Enjoy them raw or cooked in your favorite tomato sauce dishes.

Watermelon: Made up of 92% of water, this refreshing fruit is soaked in nutrients. Vitamin A, B6, C, lycopene and antioxidants that fuel your health with each juicy bite.

By: Candice Savage

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