Mistakes We Make When Preparing (And Drinking) Juices

We spoke with a prestigious cocktail shaker and several nutritionists to tell us what mistakes we make when preparing a juice, and above all, what we should do to make it a healthy pleasure.

1. Choose the right device to squeeze.

When we are going to make juice, we can opt for different appliances. For example, the centrifugal blender, which consists of a grater that spins quickly to separate the liquid part of the fruit from the solid? The juice is almost without fiber, and also, “because of the friction and heat developed (more than 50 ° C), we will have a lower content of vital substances.

2. Do not select quality parts or do not wish them well. And the seeds?

We must choose them in good condition (the best ripe fruit without being poached), fresh, preferably seasonal, and if it can be from a culture so that they are free of chemical products. It is very important to wash them well before starting to work with them, and if we liquefy them, we must cut them into pieces.

3. Use improper containers. How should the glasses be where to serve the juices?

Nice, of course. But in addition, also hygienic. In addition to sustainable and clean, it does not leave residues of any kind in the content.

4. Think that we can drink unlimited juices

As the juices are so rich and also made at home with fruits or vegetables, we can think that we can drink all that we want. Well, better not. According to the indications of institutions as relevant as the Harvard School of Public Health, in your guide The Healthy Dish, we should not take more than once a day.

5. Overwhelming with the loss of vitamin C in orange juice

The juices are better to take them just prepared because their texture and flavor are at the optimum point, “and contact with the ambient temperature, humidity, and oxygen causes them to lose qualities.” But that does not imply that we create the myth that, if we do not immediately drink an orange juice, vitamin C will evaporate as if by magic.

6. Can we mix fruits and vegetables with peace of mind?

Fruit juices admit multiple combinations, although we prefer to combine sweet fruits with sweets (cherry, banana) acids with acids (orange, lemon) and semi-acids with semi-acids (plum, raspberry).

On the other hand, if we start from the fact that juices are not healthy, and that we must take them occasionally, “there would be no health risk for combining different fruits or vegetables. If we also include some yogurt, whipped cheese, or protein powder, we would make a complete smoothie.” In smoothies or smoothies, the fruit is crushed whole and “are more recommended than juices or smoothies, since they do not maintain their fiber.”

7. To rely too much on the wonders that detox juices promise. And the lemon?

On the Internet and on the bookshelves of the bookstores, we find many proposals for green juices that are advertised as purifiers. They can be very appealing combinations, but do we really need to subject our body to a diet called so-called detox juices? “Do not. We have the lungs, kidneys, and liver to eliminate toxins that enter through the consumption of food or drugs from the body. Thanks to them, the body is constantly in detox mode.

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