Q&A with Kristi Richards of Solfeggio’s & The Juicery Co. Cafe

Olympian and Holistic Nutritionist Kristi Richards of Solfeggio Foods has just spent the past eight weeks turning our Main St. location into a fully functioning cafe. She has passed her torch of plant-based recipes off to us and we can’t wait to share health and wellness through farm to bottle and now farm to table nutrition to our community and beyond.


You are an Olympian skier, what inspired you to make the switch from Athlete to Holistic Nutritionist and Chef Extraordinaire?

To pay my way through my ski career, I was working in winery bistros at the age of sixteen onwards. That is where I fell in love with food, wine, and the locavore movement. As an athlete, I had to focus on my health to fuel my performance and essentially, try to be a super human through my diet and training. Years later, family ailments inspired me to go to school for nutrition. I was sick of googling probable cures to their ailments and wanted to be educated enough to help the ones I love the most. I graduated with honors and have been working with food and nutrition ever since. I had such an entrepreneurial mind that I launched Solfeggio half way through my education. Life has truly come full circle.

The Juicery Co. Cafe is your first consulting project. You passed off all of your made-with-love recipes and have transformed our Main St. location into a full functioning kitchen and cafe. What was your biggest hurdle through the makings of this project?

Passing off my recipes as they are truly my heart and soul, but it’s a good emotion because it feels like my recipes have the right home at The Juicery Co. Solfeggio’s is strongly connected with Pemberton and The Juicery Co. having its own organic farm located in Pemberton made too much sense not to go ahead with this project. We were first supplying raw treats to all of The Juicery Co. locations, that’s how I began my relationship with Alex and Christina. Soon enough, I realized how aligned our values are as small businesses: organic farming focused, sustainability and fueling our community with whole, plant-based nutrition.

What recipe on our menu resonates with you the most? 

The Sol Bowl was on our menu at Solfeggio and it was always our biggest seller in Pemberton. It’s so beautiful and well balanced made up of all the colors of the rainbow. It’s a sneaky way to have Solfeggio at The Juicery Co. It gets to live on!

Why is it important to have an organic and primarily plant-based diet?

It’s an all-encompassing merriment of ethics focused on our environment and health. Organic soil is our biggest base for true health and wellness; a true reflection of how healthy you are. Once soil is filled with chemicals, so is the food we eat thus affecting our overall health. Organic farming is vital for receiving all the nutrients we need to thrive with the food it grows.

You have a raw treat company on the side — Solfeggios — supplying local establishments such as The Scandinave Spa with your healthy and delicious raw treats.  What are the benefits of eating raw vs. cooked when curbing your sweet tooth?

Raw preserves its full nutrient quality and all of my treats are designed with a health or performance focus. I.e: Our spirulina bar is designed for endurance athletes as well as weight loss, it’s very alkalizing.

What’s next for you and Solfeggio’s?

I’m going to try my best to take some space to play but the entrepreneurial mind in me can’t stop thinking of projects to fuel my passion for spreading health and nutrition through food. I love doing pop-up long table dinners as well as supporting local and start-up businesses so only time and opportunity will tell where my next venture will take me.

Rawza Pizza
Forbidden Black Rice Pudding
The Juicery Co.

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