Q&A with Meg of NutMeg Mylk!

Local, handcrafted, fresh nut mylk hand pressed with love.

NutMeg Mylk is a delicious dairy-free alternative made with raw, organic and nutrient-rich ingredients, made in small batches. Enjoy one of NutMeg Mylk’s delicious flavors at a Juicery Co. location nearest you.

How did your passion for making organic nut mylks begin?

My passion for making nut mylk came from a workshop I took from my sister in law who’s a practicing Holistic Nutritionist. From there I enjoyed giving people mylk and trying out different blends of nuts and flavours and my new found passion naturally evolved into NutMeg. I also grew up in the kitchen, my dad is a chef and making food is a great creative outlet for me.

Why is homemade organic nut mylk a healthier option than store-bought carton nut mylk?

Homemade nut mylk is an entirely different product then what you’re getting from the store. First of all there’s only 1 too 2% nuts in the typical store brought nut milk with a long list of additives and preservatives. With fresh organic nut mylk you’re actually getting the health benefits that are packed in organic nuts. Our nut mylks are 25% nuts so you can actually taste the type of nuts you are drinking, and the consistency is light and refreshing with wholesome healthy ingredients.

What is your favourite blend of Nut Meg Mylk and why?

My favourite blend changes with the seasons. I am obsessed with The Provence our Lavender Honey Mylk. It’s so delicious in coffee, smoothie bowls and granola. But right now I love our seasonal Pumpkin Space. Fall is my favourite season and this mylk to me, tastes like fall all wrapped up in a glass jar.

What is your favourite type of nut?

Almond! It sounds boring but I’ve always loved almonds. They are the base for most of our mylks and I have undeniable love and respect for these nuts! 

What are some of your favourite ways to enjoy your organic nut mylks?

I love The Provence lavender honey Mylk steamed up before bed. The lavender is so calming and is a ritual to help me fall asleep. I’m a coffee addict so I love every single one of these mylks added into my coffee. I love our golden mylk The Indie steamed as a turmeric latte, I also love blending it with frozen banana and mango, it makes for an amazing smoothie. I’ve also used The Tahiti in more savoury dishes like curries and buffalo cauliflower. The options with these Mylks are limitless, just get creative in the kitchen and have fun with your ingredients! 

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