Spring at The Family Farm

So, we are now into May. I was looking at photos from last year and although we are far better organized, and now know more, the weather has us about 2 weeks behind.

Most of the trees have leafs now, but many plants are still budding. Flowers are starting to bloom and if the sun stays out for more than a few hours, we have hope things will kick into gear.

Our greenhouse now has many rows of kale, cilantro, collards and trays of cucumber seedlings. The plan is to transplant the kale into the field once it’s prepped and ready and then transplant the cucumber seedlings into the greenhouse beds. Last year we did 3 beds and produced over 2,000 lbs. We are excited to squeeze in 2 more beds and hope for another 1,500 or so extra pounds.

We have yet to till the field and make the beds for the kale, carrots, and beets, as the land is still too wet. We are all ready to go, once things dry up a bit, so other projects consume us for the time being. We are setting up the raspberry bushes, black current and blueberry bushes to make them more accessible for picking. The apple, pear and plum trees have all been trimmed and they are looking very healthy. There is also regular maintenance on tools, vehicles and cleaning up from weather damage over the snowy winter.


We are also very thankful this year to have the full-time help of Riley Johnson. Fellow farmer and neighbor, he assisted us greatly last year as we were learning, and now is assisting us to expand and grow.

Farming brings a certain sense of satisfaction of a day well spent. Small projects turn into large yields. Seedlings become plants and the whole property comes alive. We are very excited to get more and more of our own our organic harvest into our cold press juice and salads this season.


From the Family Farm,



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