The Kale-Jito Recipe

St. Patrick’s Day is a couple of weeks away and we decided to skip the green beer this year and opt for a healthier, yet equally green, drink! Introducing the Kale-Jito – our take on the classic rum cocktail with a little help from our friends at The Juicery Co.! All you need is a bottle of their Pacific juice, some ice, white rum and fresh limes and mint. Read on for the full (fool-proof) recipe!



The Pacific juice is citrusy, minty, refreshing and of course very green! Cold-pressed and organic, black kale, apple, mint, and lime make up this refreshing juice with the addition of super-food spirulina and alkaline water.


Ingredients: The Pacific green juice, White Rum, Fresh Mint Leaves, Lime Wedges, Ice

Instructions: In a cocktail shaker, muddle 6-8 mint leaves then combine 1/2 cup of green juice, 1 oz of white rum and some ice. Cover and shake or stir the ingredients together in a glass. Pour drink into your favorite cocktail glass or mason jar. Garnish with a fresh lime wedge and mint leaf. For an extra dose of green, add in a kale leaf.


Photos, Recipe and Words by our friends at KitsKitchen! 




The Juicery Co.

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