Honey Vanilla Mylk


5.00 out of 5

Sprouted Almonds, Vanilla Bean, Clover Honey, Sea Salt

Improves Complexion & Maintains Healthy Cholesterol


500ml Glass Bottle.
Cold Pressed. Raw. Organic.


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    this milk is divine, delicious! is there any way to get a nutrition profile on it, even a rough estimate. i drink organic fat free cows milk and don’t think i can justify a switch to this almond mild since everything i read suggests that almond milk has less protein and calcium (the reason i drink milk in the first place). but, it would make a wonderful treat every now and then. especially at night before bed.

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      It’s about 285 calories, we’re just changing recipe a little and then will update!

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    Delicious flavor and smooth light texture. Nutritional value would be appreciated for the products.

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