• Kitchen minimalist

    Optimizing your Kitchen Storages

    In this article, I’m not going to advise you to change all your kitchen furniture, it costs a blind and not everyone has the plan to change the kitchen. No, here, what interests me is to ask how we can improve your kitchen so that it is more minimalist, with fewer objects not very useful every day. And don’ Here’s a list of non-exhaustive questions you can ask yourself:

    • Do you ever have to empty a closet to access what is in the bottom?
    • Do you ever find out-of-date food while tidying up?
    • Is your worktop cluttered on a daily basis?
    • Do you store/store appliances in your kitchen that are not used weekly?

    Some Ideas to Create a More Minimalist Kitchen

    There are different things you can put in place to create a more streamlined and minimalist kitchen. The shelves and open wall furniture are super nice and are not incompatible with a sleek decoration, but you will have to take care to store only the essentials. Having all grandma’s dish service in plain sight is not very minimalist. But it’s not the only solution available to you in a more minimal kitchen.

    Rework the Depth of Furniture to Optimize Storage

    In the context of a standard kitchen, the dimensions of kitchen furniture are standard too, in other words, one usually has a depth of 60cm in low furniture (a little less in reality) and a depth of less than 37cm for wall furniture. Most of the time, wall furniture is less messy in the background because it is shallower. If you have objects that never serve you in the back of your closet, if you have food that perishes because it’s at the bottom and you don’t see it, if you have to move everything to access what you’ve stored in the bottom, there’s a problem! To rework the depth of furniture you have several solutions:

    • You can add a double bottom which avoids having things/foods that pile up in the bottom and that will be lost forever until you do the next sort. What is very funny is that the kitchen vendors do not offer this layout. At the same time, it would be to admit that a piece of furniture with a depth of 60 cm is bad every day. Fortunately, creating a double bottom doesn’t require having a Bac 8. A few squares, MDF and just attach your double bottom to the storage shelves in your furniture. You can shorten the depth of your kitchen stocking furniture by 20 cm without worry.
    • Prefer drawers to shelves to optimize storage in your kitchen furniture. Thanks to the drawer’s sliding system you can easily access the entire storage space. While it is easy to find storage for cutlery, we do not necessarily think about it for pots and pans, yet we use it every day. The cracker is higher than a conventional drawer to be able to store the pots and other high pans.
    • Transform your corner furniture with a swivel system. This type of layout is more expensive in general than just tablets, but it will allow you to easily access your entire corner cabinet. For simplicity on a daily basis, a few investments are worth making.
    • Ranger on height rather than depth: Again, if you have shelves in your kitchen furniture, there is a big problem. Not in depth but in height. And since we don’t live in a video game and the goal of our life is not to form as many lines as possible as in Tetris, we often avoid stacking too many objects. Result of the races: We end up with an empty space on the top of the furniture. There are half shelves that will allow you to double your storage volume easily.

    Keep the Essentials on the Worktop and at Hand

    For a minimalist kitchen, it’s not just a matter of sorting, optimizing, and tidying up kitchen furniture. You also have to think about the work plan. Whether it’s big or small, whether you use it often or not, the worktop is super important in the atmosphere of your kitchen. If it’s cluttered, you’ll feel like your kitchen is messy. On the other hand, if you try to keep only the essentials, you will feel that your kitchen is more refined. To keep only the essentials, ask yourself what you use on a daily basis. For example, I couldn’t have a coffee maker at my fingertips. I drink a lot of coffee all day. It must remain accessible. When we lived in France with Flo, we cooked a lot, he likes me. We had a nice collection of knives that was always available. A magnetized plate had been placed on the wall so as not to clutter the worktop. Minimalism had also been pushed to the cooking plates, which were dominoes that could be stored in a cupboard when they were not in use. Cutlery, fresh food, etc. had another place in the kitchen and they did not interfere with the worktop. In a small kitchen, it is essential to keep the room to cook!

    Rethink your Consumption so You don’t Waste any More Food

    To be minimalist or to want to adopt a more slow lifestyle is also to rethink the patterns that we have been instilled since we were a kid. Doing a full tank of errands for 2 weeks is a saving of time and money. (It may be true but it’s also a great source of anxiety to go and an Auchan or a Carrefour). The thing is, by doing a lot of shopping, you risk buying products that won’t serve you and will eventually clutter your kitchen. 3 years ago at Christmas you needed 3 or 4 different types of spices and since you never used them. Maybe it’s time to give them away if they’re still good or throw them away. It’s also a time to promise you that you won’t buy food, condiments, spices that will only serve you once. Buying with a conscience will allow you to gain space in the kitchen while being in line with your values.

  • smoothies

    Smoothies: Pros and Cons

    Green juices and other smoothies have quickly become THE healthy trend highlighted by magazines but are they really effective?

    The benefits of smoothies

    • Smoothies ingredients (as long as you use unprocessed products).
    • They allow more fruits and vegetables to be included in the diet.
    • Children can even be eaten by more vegetables, who are usually reluctant.
    • They are quick to consume and allow you to benefit in no time from an intake of fiber, vitamins, fruits, vegetables.

    The downsides of smoothies

    • There’s nothing to chew! Digestion begins in the mouth, with saliva and its enzymes breaking down food. The more you chew, the easier the food will be digested. With juices and smoothies, skip this step.
    • However, chewing sends a signal of satiety to the body! Without this signal, by consuming more liquids than solids, your body does not record the message “I ate” … but on the other hand, he consumed the calories well!
    • Psychologically and physiologically, you will feel fuller with larger volumes (thus non-mixed foods) than with juices. And visually, a “real” plate, with pieces of food will make it easier to feel plenty than just a glass of smoothie.
    • Sugar levels are relatively high. Most people prepare their smoothies based on a large amount of fruits than vegetables. And the fruits, as healthy as they are, remain sugar.
    • Smoothie is a wood that is much more concentrated in calories and sugars than the same volume of “au naturel” fruit.

    Message to remember


    If you’re having trouble satisfying your calorie intake on a daily basis, then smoothies are perfect for you. Smoothies will give you the calories and macronutrients you need.

    But generally speaking, if you monitor your weight and enjoy eating, it’s better to eat your calories than to drink them.

    Despite the amount of vitamins and minerals that should be recognized for juices and smoothies, you have everything to gain by eating your fruits and vegetables rather than drinking them.

    Our articles are purely informative and are in no way a substitute for the opinion of a medical expert. If you have health concerns, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or radically changing your diet.

  • 5 Popular Drinks To Start Your Day

    Coffee. That comforting tonic in the morning, that intoxicating smell that envelops and dazzles us … who doesn’t like a good hot cup after meals or at breakfast? We all love it, but surely you have any doubts about whether it is healthy and how many cups you can have a day.

    Eliminate tiredness from your daily life with these natural drinks, much like espresso, that will provide your body with the necessary nutrients to feel full and rested!


    • Blend a carrot, half an apple, a cup of soy milk, and a teaspoon of honey. Drink this juice, especially when you need instant energy.


    • Put a beet, a little kale, three strawberries, half an orange, a little fresh ginger and a cup of water in the juice extractor. Enjoy this drink on an empty stomach and then have a light breakfast. You will feel like new!


    • Process three celery stalks and three pineapple slices with a little water and enjoy this delicious preparation that will help you wake up in a good mood and eager to stay active. The best thing is that it also works as a drink that will help you lose weight. Remember to take it on an empty stomach and add a few ice cubes to make it a very refreshing drink.


    • Blend a little water with a cup of strawberries with the juice of half an orange, two lemons, and a little grapefruit. In addition to being delicious, this juice will give you energy and detoxify your digestive system.


    • Put two glasses of water, a few lettuce leaves, a little grated ginger, a little spinach, a sprig of parsley, a stalk of celery, half an apple, and the juice of half a lemon in the blender. The best thing about this juice is that you can take it several times a day, so you will avoid suffering a drop in energy during the afternoon.

    How many cups can I have a day?

    The first thing we should know is that all of the above-mentioned drinks feel differently for each person. There are those who keep awake at night; others are not disturbed by sleep; others produce acidity … So, it is clear that we will be ourselves, who will make a first assessment of how we feel. But, as a general rule, it is recommended not to exceed three cups a day.

  • Mistakes We Make When Preparing (And Drinking) Juices

    We spoke with a prestigious cocktail shaker and several nutritionists to tell us what mistakes we make when preparing a juice, and above all, what we should do to make it a healthy pleasure.

    1. Choose the right device to squeeze.

    When we are going to make juice, we can opt for different appliances. For example, the centrifugal blender, which consists of a grater that spins quickly to separate the liquid part of the fruit from the solid? The juice is almost without fiber, and also, “because of the friction and heat developed (more than 50 ° C), we will have a lower content of vital substances.

    2. Do not select quality parts or do not wish them well. And the seeds?

    We must choose them in good condition (the best ripe fruit without being poached), fresh, preferably seasonal, and if it can be from a culture so that they are free of chemical products. It is very important to wash them well before starting to work with them, and if we liquefy them, we must cut them into pieces.

    3. Use improper containers. How should the glasses be where to serve the juices?

    Nice, of course. But in addition, also hygienic. In addition to sustainable and clean, it does not leave residues of any kind in the content.

    4. Think that we can drink unlimited juices

    As the juices are so rich and also made at home with fruits or vegetables, we can think that we can drink all that we want. Well, better not. According to the indications of institutions as relevant as the Harvard School of Public Health, in your guide The Healthy Dish, we should not take more than once a day.

    5. Overwhelming with the loss of vitamin C in orange juice

    The juices are better to take them just prepared because their texture and flavor are at the optimum point, “and contact with the ambient temperature, humidity, and oxygen causes them to lose qualities.” But that does not imply that we create the myth that, if we do not immediately drink an orange juice, vitamin C will evaporate as if by magic.

    6. Can we mix fruits and vegetables with peace of mind?

    Fruit juices admit multiple combinations, although we prefer to combine sweet fruits with sweets (cherry, banana) acids with acids (orange, lemon) and semi-acids with semi-acids (plum, raspberry).

    On the other hand, if we start from the fact that juices are not healthy, and that we must take them occasionally, “there would be no health risk for combining different fruits or vegetables. If we also include some yogurt, whipped cheese, or protein powder, we would make a complete smoothie.” In smoothies or smoothies, the fruit is crushed whole and “are more recommended than juices or smoothies, since they do not maintain their fiber.”

    7. To rely too much on the wonders that detox juices promise. And the lemon?

    On the Internet and on the bookshelves of the bookstores, we find many proposals for green juices that are advertised as purifiers. They can be very appealing combinations, but do we really need to subject our body to a diet called so-called detox juices? “Do not. We have the lungs, kidneys, and liver to eliminate toxins that enter through the consumption of food or drugs from the body. Thanks to them, the body is constantly in detox mode.

  • Three Cleansing Juices to Cleanse the Body

    Choose the juice that best suits your needs and combine it with an exercise routine and a healthy diet to take advantage of all its benefits. Remember to take it on an empty stomach to enhance its effects.

    The cleansing juices are an excellent option to take care of your health. They can help you eliminate toxins from your body, which are the result of poor diet, alcohol abuse, tobacco, or stress; between other reasons.

    Also, because they are made from fruits and vegetables, they are an essential source of vitamins and minerals. And we already know that our body needs these nutrients to be able to perform optimally. Also, if that were not enough, the cleansing juices to clean the agency are very simple to prepare and are delicious.

    We can consume them in the morning, even on an empty stomach, choosing the one that best suits our needs. The carbohydrates they contain will help us stay energized throughout the day.

    Also, it is advisable to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. Here are nine delicious cleansing juices that will help you eliminate toxins found in the body.

    1. Citrus juice

    It is detoxifying, diuretic, and purifying. Also, because it contains low levels of sodium, it is an excellent ally to combat fluid retention and reduce waste and abdomen measurements.

    It also provides vitamins A, B, and C, as well as essential minerals such as potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium. If you want to test its effects in the longer term, try to take it daily for a month.

    The ingredients and preparation of this juice are very simple. It takes:

    • One grapefruit juice (grapefruit)
    • Two spinach leaves
    • Juice of 3 oranges.
    • 1 cup diced papaya.
    • One slice of pineapple
    1. Juice for digestion

    This juice is very good to purify the digestive tract and to eliminate a good amount of toxins. It contains fiber, which promotes digestion and facilitates bowel movements. It is best to take it in the morning after breakfast for as long as desired. You will need the following:

    • One celery stalk
    • One lemon juice
    • Two slices of pineapple.
    • Two carrots peeled and split in half lengthwise.
    • One yellow apple
    • All ingredients must be processed or liquefied. Then mix with the lemon juice.
    1. Herbal juice

    It is one of the best allies to eliminate toxins from the body, in addition to providing many vitamins and minerals. It is also perfect for good digestion and proper gastric functioning.

    Specifically, tomato is a type of carotenoid, a precursor of vitamin A, which acts as a cellular antioxidant. In addition, it helps eliminate free radicals found in the blood. In addition, spices such as coriander, parsley, or rosemary are rich in anticancer substances, antioxidants, and are revitalizing.

    It should be drunk in the morning, on an empty stomach, for as long as desired. The ingredients are:

    • Two large tomatoes.
    • One cucumber
    • Two tablespoons cilantro you.
    • Two tablespoons parsley
    • One tablespoon rosemary
    • One tablespoon basil
    • Three garlic cloves.
    • ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • Food And Health: The Importance Of Nutrition

    It never hurts to review the benefits of eating healthy, so today we are going to remember them and develop some ideas related to nutrition because health and food are directly related.

    Food And Health: Basics

    Eating is not the same as feeding. The first of the terms encompass the mechanical actions related to food intake, while the second refers to the absorption of the substances contained in food to transform them into energy and tissues for the proper functioning of our body.

    That is, the importance of food for health has more to do with what happens after the incorporation of food into our body than with the process of eating itself.

    But when we are really aware of the importance of eating healthy, it is at the moment that, because of reversing the food pyramid, we are affected by diseases. In order not to reach these extremes, food and health should always go hand in hand.

    In the prevention of these pathologies, the habits of the smallest of the house play a very important role. According to the Nutrition Foundation, the most powerful tool that society has to end this kind of problem is education.

    The importance of feeding in children is greater, if possible, than in adults, because in their first years of life, they are not only physically developing but also forging their future eating habits.

    The Importance Of Food: Four tips for maintaining a healthy life

    1. Maintain a good diet

    The importance of a balanced and varied diet is such for our health that we cannot avoid putting it as the standard-bearer of these tips. Try to follow the food pyramid based on cereals, fruit, and vegetables (use these summer salads to nourish yourself while maintaining all the flavor).

    Also, try to eat five times a day (in small amounts) and combine the nutrients correctly to have a balanced ratio between fats, carbohydrates, and proteins.

    1. Drink a lot of water

    Keeping hydrated helps our whole body function better, including the absorption of nutrients from food.

    1. Exercise

    The importance of food for health lies in need to incorporate nutrients for vital functions, among which are motorboats. If you do not exercise enough, reserve substances can increase alarmingly and degenerate into medical problems.

    1. Get enough rest

    Try to sleep a minimum of 6 hours a day (if there are 8, much better). This will help your body regulate the absorption of nutrients correctly and keep the immune system strong.

    Without a doubt, we are what we eat. Therefore, food and health will always go hand in hand. Be aware of the importance of eating well and take care of your body. After all, it is for a lifetime.

  • 4 Tips To Eat Well

    Eating a good and healthy diet depends not only on the type of food you eat but on the habits and customs you follow when it comes to eating. But what does it mean to eat well?

    Do not feel bad if you also ask that question, and this confusion is the same for many people. Improving your nutrition does not mean having several diets. For this reason and to help us distinguish, time magazine asked a group of registered dietitians to make a list of five tips to eat well and improve our health.

    Eat More Plants

    A large part of the population worldwide does not consume enough fiber. Vegetables, fruits, and whole grains are the best way to do it. It’s often easier to focus on what we can add instead of taking away, so this is a great way to change your mindset and focus on something positive. People should consume between seven and ten servings of fruits and vegetables per day. It may seem a lot to you, but it’s really simple if you include vegetables and fruit in each of your meals.

    Say yes to carbohydrates.

    It is recommended to choose a carbohydrate that contains fiber for any of the meals you make. We have talked to many people who choose foods without carbohydrates, such as a green salad with chicken for lunch, and then they are left with little energy, distracted, and craving a cookie shortly after. We need carbohydrates to replenish our blood sugar levels and stay alert. As a complement to each meal to make sure you’re getting the nutrients your body needs to function. This is especially important for people who exercise frequently and regularly burn their blood sugar stores.

    Sit down when you eat.

    Ideally, eat while sitting at a table. This naturally helps you eat less and enjoy more. It is not recommended to eat while driving, working in front of a computer, or watching television as these actions make us more aware of what and how much we eat. It is a small change in behavior that can naturally affect portions and enjoyment at mealtime.

    Listen to your body

    The only modification I wish everyone could make is to eat and listen better to their bodies using what we call the hunger quotient. It can be a challenge to learn, but as soon as you realize that you really hear the hunger signs of your body, you will feel strong when you make better decisions about eating, to maintain a healthy weight by living a nutritious lifestyle, rather than follow a strict diet.

  • Caring For Your Kitchen In 9 Ways

    Having a fabulous kitchen is a great investment that deserves the best care to maintain it. Here are nine tips for these jewels to continue shining along with three important tricks.

    Cleaning is the endpoint.

    No preparation can finish without reviewing the kitchen cleaning, delaying it will only make it more difficult and allow the surfaces to corrode.

    Each with each one

    The use of specialized products for each surface is an investment that will be paid with more years of duration and quality. Many brands recommend some very specific. Use them and always follow the cleaning recommendations that come with each of your kitchen appliances.

    Cold clean

    Induction plates should not be cleaned until they have cooled, not only for the safety of who does but to prevent scratching or to stain the countertops.

    Forbidden plastic

    Placing plastic containers on a hot plate can be a disaster. Share this information with the whole family to take it into account.

    Smoothness and speed

    If you use soft sponges to clean when you get dirty, you will avoid scratches and the use of abrasive products.


    If your kitchen is gas, you can immerse the burners once a month in a solution of water, vinegar, and bicarbonate to eliminate obstructions in the gas diffuser.

    Watch out for water

    If your kitchen is electric, protect the water control panel. Clean it with a barely damp sponge and watch it dry very well.

    Smooth surfaces

    Do not place on induction plates, trays, and pots that are not completely smooth, and also take care that they are completely dry to avoid lime stains.

    Things to avoid

    If the surface is stainless steel, avoid acids such as lemon or vinegar, if it is glass or tempered glass, sharp objects, common sense is always important.

    • Normally the furniture fronts contain a matt surface that protects them and provides a special touch that is very close to that of a waxed wooden front. That is why it is important to avoid spilling food and substances with a high content of dyes, such as coffee, mustard, tea, red wine, or the like because they can leave light permanent colorations on the sheet if they are dried in it. If possible, remove dirt immediately with plenty of water or a diluted soapy solution.
    • Clean the cooking plates and sinks in stainless steel, enameled or plastic with a damp cloth and dishwashing liquid. Resistant water stains can be removed with a usual household cleaner or normal household vinegar, but never let these stains dry themselves, then it will be difficult to remove them.
    • Care must be taken that there is sufficient ventilation during cooking and not allow steam to condense on furniture. Always use the hood with the appropriate power level. Prevents water from spilling. Do not use the coffee maker, kettle, or toaster under wall cabinets, as steam and high temperature can cause permanent damage to furniture.