The Juicery Co. is a cold pressed juice and nut mylk shop that delivers throughout Metro Vancouver.

A Family Company

Let Food be thy medicine. -Hippocrates

In early 2013 we found out that a family member had stage four Esophageal Cancer. During investigation of alternative treatments it became apparent that nutrition could potentially offer the most potent healing medicine. Research revealed that juicing as a method of providing specific micronutrients, which would support the body with the challenge of living with cancer. We also studied in depth different cancer diets such as the Budwig Diet and the specific benefits of different fruits, vegetables, nuts and seaweed.  We were also inspired by The Food Matters and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead as well as the treatments used at The Gerson Institution. We were inspired to follow what we knew to be true about health and wellness and this is how our ‘Dad’s Juice’ was created.

We saw improvement in his overall well being- this was reason enough to make us passionate believers in juicing. This research made our family take a second look at what we were consuming. Individually, every member of our family has found different benefits from juicing daily.

Juicing is not a temporary weight loss fad; it’s a life style change. It’s the choice you make daily about what to put in your body and truly realize that ‘you are what you eat’. Our society needs to change the way we look at food.  So many of us are lacking nutrition; we consume a lot of food but are malnourished. Many have developed food allergies and mood disorders.

We believe that eating a variety of vegetables, fruit, nuts and seaweed provide the right nutrients, which helps the body to obtain homeostasis.

As a family we decided to share our knowledge of juicing. We want to provide others with the specific nutrients they require and improve quality of life. We want to educate and affect others in a positive way. Welcome to The Juicery Co!

Our Values